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One of the biggest drawbacks for orthodontic treatment is the time it takes. Nobody wants to be in braces for a year or more. This is more than just an inconvenience, it can impact your oral health. But now, Propel Orthodontics gives us the ability to cut treatment time for orthodontic procedures in half, with two different approaches to speeding up your tooth movements.

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Propel Orthodontics: Two Options

At Strober Dental, we are proud to offer two different approaches provided by Propel Orthodontics for accelerating orthodontic treatment. VPRO5 is a vibrating appliance that is used to encourage tooth movement. The second is alveocentesis, tiny holes in your bone that prepare the way for your tooth movements.

Both can cut treatment time in half. Both have advantages and limitations. We’ll discuss both options during your consultation and help you decide which is best for you.


VPRO5 Propel OrthodonticsVPRO5 is a simple approach to accelerating tooth movements. It has a curved bite plate that you put between your teeth. You bite down on it and the device vibrates. This has many advantages, including:

  • No additional procedures at dentist
  • Easy to use at home
  • Reduced discomfort
  • Noninvasive
  • Helps you take an active role in treatment
  • Records data to monitor usage so we know it’s being used

How do vibrations stimulate tooth movement? Normally, the movement of your teeth occurs as a result of the combination of forces on your teeth. Yes, there’s the orthodontic wires or Invisalign aligners, but there’s also the bite force, which occurs every time your teeth come together, and encourages the body’s natural process of remodeling bone in response to force.

Vibrations essentially simulate many such movements. The vibrations occur faster than you could chew, and can be maintained in a way that would make your jaw very tired. But they stimulate your bone the same way your chewing motions would.


Alveocentesis is the practice of making small holes in the jawbone to make it easier for teeth to move. By making the tiny punctures, it stimulates the body’s bone healing and bone remodeling mechanisms. When these mechanisms are accelerated, it results in faster tooth movement. The benefits of this procedure are:

  • Faster tooth movement
  • No additional discomfort
  • Stimulates bone development

Making small holes in your bone may seem like a strange approach to promote healing, but it’s actually very common in many fields of medicine. For example, many skin rejuvenation procedures–from peels to laser treatments–rely on creating a precise amount of trauma to stimulate healing. It has the ability to create dramatically younger skin. Similarly, making tiny holes in the bone allows for faster bone movement, and studies have shown that there’s no additional discomfort from the procedure.

Benefits of Faster Orthodontic Treatment

Faster orthodontic treatment is good. Of course, it makes you happier, because you get your teeth straightened faster. But it’s also good for your teeth.

One disadvantage of orthodontic treatment is that it can increase your risk of gum disease or tooth decay because it’s harder to keep your teeth clean during treatment. This is more of a factor with traditional braces, but it’s still important for Invisalign. The less time you spend with orthodontic treatment, the less time there is for decay or gum disease to develop. And the faster you get the benefit of straighter teeth that are easier to clean.

If you are looking for fast orthodontic treatment in San Diego, please call (619) 299-5925 today for an appointment at Strober Dental.