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Why Choose a Periodontist for Your Dental Implant Procedure

If you are considering dental implants in San Diego, there are many dentists who will offer to place them for you. With the popularity of dental implants, general dentists may offer the procedure, but if you are looking for the best outcome and overall experience it’s important to choose a surgical specialist for your procedure.  There are two dental surgical specialties, oral maxillofacial surgeons and periodontal surgeons.  As a specialist in the gum and bone surrounding teeth and implants, a periodontist has the most relevant skills to ensure comfortable, long-lasting, highly aesthetic results.

What Is a Periodontist?

Dr. Tina Beck, our San Diego Periodontist and Implant Dentist

A periodontist is a dental specialist focused on the tissues that surround and support your teeth–and dental implants. This includes the gum, periodontal ligaments, and bone that support both teeth and implants.

Periodontists complete dental school like all dentists, then they receive an additional three years of intense training focused on the biology of the mouth and how to best perform oral surgical procedures for the best possible long-term results.  This education provides them with a depth of understanding and expertise in oral health, biology, and cosmetic oral surgery unmatched in any other field of dentistry. Periodontists are highly skilled and knowledgeable surgical specialists expertly qualified for gum disease treatment, gum recession reversal, tooth removal, bone grafting, or placement of dental implants.


Specialists Lower Risk of Complications

One of the most compelling reasons to select a specialist for your dental implant procedure is that it lowers your risk of complications. Multiple studies confirm that dental implant specialists have a lower rate of complications and a higher rate of success than general dentists.

Dental implants are a significant investment, so many people seek to save money by working with a general dentist who may charge less. But it’s important to know that most general dentists who offer to place dental implants have limited experience and education in implantology, often receiving just a few days of clinical training.  A Periodontist however, has well over 5,000 hours (over 700 days) of education and training.  So give yourself the best chance of success by working with a specialist.


Improved Aesthetics

Many aspects of dental implant appearance can be precisely controlled using advanced surgical techniques and modern technology, like our in-house CEREC lab system.

But what can’t be precisely controlled is how your body heals after surgery. In particular, managing the gums around the dental implant can be a challenge, as gum tissue doesn’t get the same support from an implant as it does from your natural teeth. In some cases it can be difficult to get the gum tissue to grow up around the implants the way it does around your teeth, compromising the final cosmetic results.  To avoid these complications, it is important for the dentist performing the surgery to have a comprehensive understanding of gum and bone healing.  As the specialist in oral biology, a periodontal surgeon can ensure you get the most attractive dental implants possible.


Managing Gum Disease

A Periodontist is also an expert on the treatment and management of gum disease.  As the leading cause of tooth loss, most people needing dental implants have had gum disease at some point.  If you have active gum disease, it is critical to get it under control before a dental implant procedure.  As an expert in oral health, a periodontist will help ensure your teeth and gums are disease and infection-free before proceeding with implant treatment.

Gum disease is also the biggest threat facing your dental implants. World-wide about half of all dental implant patients develop peri-implantitis, a form of gum disease that attacks the gums and bones around the implant. Peri-implantitis is also the leading cause of dental implant failure, accounting for nearly 40% of dental implant failures. Having a periodontist on your team significantly lowers your risk of this complication and puts you in the best position for long-term success.


Learn the Benefits for Your Case

These benefits of working with a periodontist are expressed in very general terms. If you want to learn how they apply to your dental implants, please call (619) 299-5925 for an appointment with a San Diego implant dentist at Strober Dental.