Why See a Periodontist?

In the grand scheme of medicine, a dentist can feel like a specialist already — you see a cardiologist for your heart, a podiatrist for your feet, a dentist for your teeth, and so on. But there are specializations within dentistry, too. For example, if you’ve ever had braces, you may have seen an orthodontist. […]

Can Dental Implants Cause Headaches?

Ordinarily Dick Van Dyke tweeting about headaches wouldn’t be the source of a half dozen news articles. What made it news is that he blamed his dental implants. Recent concerns over the potential side effects of titanium dental implants have set the internet abuzz with rumors. Many are concerned that — specifically titanium dental implants […]

Dental Implants Easily Last 30 Years

certainly have the potential to last a lifetime. But it’s hard to prove, because it’s hard to run studies long enough to show this longevity. Until recently, the best we had were generally studies that lasted 20 years. These studies gave reassuring information: nearly all implants last 20 years (if they don’t fail in the […]