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Why See a Periodontist?

In the grand scheme of medicine, a dentist can feel like a specialist already — you see a cardiologist for your heart, a podiatrist for your feet, a dentist for your teeth, and so on. But there are specializations within dentistry, too. For example, if you’ve ever had braces, you may have seen an orthodontist.

One dentistry specialization is periodontics. Although most people probably haven’t heard of a periodontist before, that doesn’t stop them from needing one! Read on to learn more about what periodontists do and what role they can play in your dental care.

What Is Periodontics?

On the most basic level, periodontics is the study and care of the supporting structures of teeth. This includes the gums; the “cementum,” which is a calcified substance that coats the tooth’s root; the alveolar bone, which is the bone that supports the teeth; and the periodontal ligament, which is the connective tissue that connects the tooth to the alveolar bone. Together, these are called the periodontium.

Periodontics is the study and care of the supporting structures of teeth

Your teeth couldn’t stay healthy without healthy supporting structures. Unfortunately, there’s plenty that could put those structures at risk. For example, periodontal diseases like gingivitis will attack the periodontium, but ultimately your teeth will pay the price: Periodontal diseases are the most common cause of tooth loss in adults. If you have symptoms characteristic of gum disease, a periodontist will likely be your best resource for treatment.

And of course, if you get dental implants, those implants depend on the periodontium for support much like your real teeth do. For this reason, a periodontist is also a specialist in the placement and maintenance of dental implants. Placement of dental implants by a specialist can lower the risk of complications. Again, much like your real teeth, dental implants can get infected. A periodontist can treat this kind of infection, too.

We Have Your Periodontal Needs Covered

As with any specialist, your dentist can examine your symptoms and then refer you to a periodontist if they feel that one is necessary. Here at Strober Dental, we have our own practicing periodontist: Dr. Tina Beck.

Dr. Beck’s education on dentistry is unequalled: Alongside her Bachelor of Science degree in Biology, her Doctorate of Dental Surgery, and her additional pursuit of specialty training in Periodontics and Implantology, she also achieved her Masters in Biomedical Sciences while in residency at the University of Texas Health Science Center. She was recognized as a Diplomat of the American Board of Periodontology — the highest academic achievement the field offers!

Even now, while she brings her expertise to her work at Strober Dental, she remains active in a half dozen local and national dental associations. Her leadership in those communities has been repeatedly recognized as exceptional.

At the Strober Dental office, Dr. Beck can support your oral health with her work on dental implants, mini dental implants, gum disease therapy, gum grafts, and more.

If you think you might need a periodontist, Dr. Rod Strober can evaluate your oral health and set up an appointment with Dr. Beck if one if necessary. Call (619) 299-5925 or contact us online to schedule an appointment today.