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We’re Taking Your Dental Care to the Next Level

Here at Strober Dental, our top priority is providing you with the best quality dental care without the headache. We want to ensure that your visits are easy and comfortable, and that your treatments are as quick and effective as possible. This means making sure that we always have the best technology that dentistry has to offer. And as dental technology continues to advance and improve, we have more and more opportunities to provide better care.

Above all, we just want to make your dentist visits better. Thanks to our brand new iTero® Element™ Intraoral Scanner, we’re able to do that more easily than ever.

How the Scanner Works

Diagnostic tools are an imperative part of any dentist’s tool kit. Being able to both map out the patient’s mouth and illustrate to that patient the state of their oral health in a way that’s easy to understand and visualize is an area that can always be improved.

The iTero scanner makes both of those tasks easier. This innovative 3D scanner can map the entire mouth in under five minutes, and immediately display a full 3D image of the patient’s mouth on screen. This is easier, quicker, more precise, and causes less discomfort than taking impressions with bite trays. While this speedy and accurate imaging is obviously beneficial to your dentist, it’s also beneficial to you: Now, when your dentist explains the problems with or changes to your teeth or gums, you can see those problems or changes with your own eyes.

The value of the ability to not just tell you about your oral condition, but show you, cannot be overstated. You will be able to observe an accurate picture of your own oral health in just minutes. And the best part is, the scanner is designed to be readable not just for your dentist, but for you. The simple 3D display makes it easy to see exactly what’s going on in your mouth.

Of course, seeing your teeth as they are is not the only benefit to the iTero scanner. It also has the ability to simulate possible outcomes and show you exactly what your teeth will look like when certain changes have been made. This is especially valuable when it comes to Invisalign: The scanner can not only show you how your post-Invisalign teeth will appear, but can even reduce the likelihood of fit issues with your clear aligners by as much as seven times!

Your Dental Care, Supercharged

The iTero scanner isn’t just a flashy 3D model of your teeth. The accuracy and ease of this new scanning method will allow for better-fitting appliances, more precise procedures, and faster, more efficient treatments. It will facilitate communication between you, your dentist, and others providing restorations and treatments. This allows for better dental care and better oral hygiene. And you’ll enjoy a better dental experience with no need to bite down into impression trays.

When was the last time you came in for a checkup or cleaning? Come get a taste of our new and improved dental scanning experience. Call (619) 299-5925 or contact us online to make an appointment.

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