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Teeth Whitening With the KöR Deep Bleaching™ System

In addition to the popular and fast Sinsational Smiles Teeth Whitening system, Dr. Strober is pleased to offer one of the most advanced and effective tooth whitening systems available today: the KöR Deep Bleaching™ System. This revolutionary whitening system can remove every type of tooth stain – including stains caused by tetracycline, which have previously proven impossible to eliminate.

The KöR System works by thoroughly cleansing stain debris that has become tightly-packed in the microstructure of your enamel. Many whitening products fail to penetrate past the debris, leading to unpredictable or minimal results. KöR teeth whitening pushes through this stain debris and cleanses the space between your enamel rods, rejuvenating your enamel and returning a bright, natural white color to your teeth. KöR Teeth Whitening can brighten your smile up to 16 shades.

Patients interested in KöR Teeth Whitening can choose between a take-home treatment course, or a plan that involves one or two in-office whitening sessions to speed up the bleaching process. The trays used in the KöR whitening process are specially-designed to seal over your teeth, keeping the bleaching gel inside and your saliva outside. By preventing saliva from contaminating the gel, KöR trays ensure the peroxide in the gel remains active for 6+ hours. In contrast, most conventional whitening gels only remain strongly active for 25 to 35 minutes.

If you are interested in taking advantage of the KöR Whitening Deep Bleaching System, please contact us today to schedule a consultation with experienced cosmetic dentist Dr. Rod Strober. Strober Dental serves patients throughout the San Diego area.

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