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Survey of Cosmetic Dentists Shows Why People Are Looking for Cosmetic Dentistry

The American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry (AACD) is one of the largest organizations of cosmetic dentists in the world, and it brings together dentists from across the country. Every two years, it releases the results of a member survey that shows the state of the profession. This survey gives us a great sense of why people are looking for cosmetic dentistry, and what procedures they’re looking for.

Why People Get Cosmetic Dentistry

People get cosmetic dentistry for many reasons. The survey allowed dentists to mark more than one reason why people come to their practice looking for cosmetic dentistry.

The most common reason why people want cosmetic dentistry is to improve their attractiveness or their self esteem.

Next, many people want to fix damage from an accident, injury, disease or decay.

Surprisingly high on the list, about 50% of dentists said their cosmetic patients came to see them because another dentist gave them a poor cosmetic result.

About half of dentists said their patients are looking for cosmetic dentistry to look and feel younger.

And about half also said that people were looking for cosmetic dentistry to prepare for an upcoming event.

Less common reasons included improving career success or improving success in romantic relationships.

Why It’s Important to Choose Your Cosmetic Dentist Carefully

As noted above, the most surprising outcome of the survey is that 50% of dentists said their patients were looking to fix poor cosmetic work (presumably performed by the other 50%?). This highlights the potential risk you take every time you have cosmetic dentistry performed.

Not only may you end up with an unattractive smile, you may end up with a bite that is uncomfortable and poorly functional as well.

When choosing a cosmetic dentist, make sure you do your homework. Find a cosmetic dentist who has advanced training in cosmetic dentistry and who is trained in neuromuscular dentistry so that they have an understanding of how restorations may affect your bite.

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