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Southern California School District Rejects $28,000 Broken Teeth Claim

Trustees of the Newport-Mesa Unified District, located about an hour north of San Diego, decided not to pay a claim brought by the parents of a baseball player whose “friendly scuffle” after a  game resulted in four broken teeth. Claiming that the team’s coach was not paying enough attention at the time of the fight, the parents made a claim for more than $28,000 worth of dental work, much of which would have to be put off until the player had his braces removed.

A Game of Gloves

Although it eventually got out of control, the entire incident began innocently enough. According to the player, his team plays a game in which a person who forgets to pick up his glove must pay the finder of his glove a Gatorade. The two players had engaged in the game once without incident, but when the player found his glove missing again, he demanded it of his teammate.

When his teammate refused to return the glove, the player tackled him, knocking the wind out of him. His teammate then retaliated by pushing the player into an athletic bag. The player broke four teeth on a baseball in the bag.

Use Caution & Protect Teeth During Sports

Broken teeth are relatively common injuries in baseball. The hardball is hard enough to break tooth enamel, even at a relatively low-speed impact such as the one in this event. A higher-speed ball coming from the bat or pitched is even more likely to result in oral injuries.

It’s crucial to wear a protective mouthguard during any game or practice, but players should also remember that tooth injuries may be even more likely when engaging in horseplay or fighting with other team members.

Broken Front Teeth

Restoring Broken Teeth

We don’t know how severe the damage to the teeth was, but based on the amount from the filing, it must have been significant. However, the good news is that damaged teeth can almost always be repaired using cosmetic dentistry.

For minor chips and damage, dental bonding can be used, although porcelain veneers give a more durable and attractive repair. For more serious repairs, a dental crown is necessary to restore strength to the tooth. In rare cases, a broken tooth may have a damaged root and may require a dental implant to replace it.

If you have one or more damaged teeth and are looking to get them fixed in the San Diego area, please contact Strober Dental today.