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“Smart” Earplugs Show Demand for Snoring Solution

As we’ve noted before, traditional earplugs aren't very effective against snoring. But there is a huge demand for snoring solutions, as three students from the University of California San Diego found out when they put their noise-canceling earplugs up on Kickstarter and earned nearly six times their requested funding!

A Study Solution

Ear Plugs for SnoringThe UC San Diego students came up with the design when one of them was trying to study during a party. He realized that he couldn’t focus and that traditional earplugs just weren’t blocking out the noise well enough. He decided that what was needed was a smart earplug that didn’t just block out sound,but used tiny speakers to give out noise-canceling sound.

Another important feature of the smart earplugs is that they can be connected wirelessly to your phone so that you can program an alarm and hear it with your earplugs in. You can set it up to either screen your calls or wake you if you have to be on call.

The inventors of these earplugs, which they call “Hush,” hoped to get $100,000 from their Kickstarter campaign. However, they found that the response to their design was much more than they anticipated, and they reached their goal in five days. By the end of the campaign, they had received more than $593,000. They expect to start delivering the earplugs in May, and selling additional units for about $150 each.

Don’t Run Away from Your Problem

The UC San Diego students said that a large part of the response to their campaign came from couples where one of the partners snores. Although smart earplugs are certainly a good solution for people with partying neighbors, heavy traffic noise, or people with tinnitus, they should not be the first choice for treatment if you sleep with a snorer. Even if these earplugs work as well as promised, they neglect the vital issue of snoring: it’s a major health problem that needs to be treated. Even in the absence of sleep apnea, snorers are not getting good sleep and their physical and mental health may suffer as a result.

Although solutions like smart earplugs might block the noise of snoring, we offer true snoring solutions that can eliminate health risks as well. To learn how to treat snoring, not just mask it, please call (619) 299-5925 for an appointment with a San Diego sleep dentist at Strober Dental today.

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