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Is Sedation Dentistry Safe with My Medical Condition?

Is Sedation Dentistry Safe

Sedation dentistry is very safe for all types of dental patients. It’s a great way to help you overcome your anxiety so you can get the dental care you need, or cosmetic dentistry procedures you desire.

However, some people with health conditions might worry that they might not be a good match for oral sedation, so here are some notes from the American Dental Society of Anesthesiology.

Heart Disease

People with heart disease of various types, such as coronary artery disease, can actual benefit from oral sedation. Because anxiety and discomfort can cause your heart rate to increase, it may lead to discomfort or irregular heartbeat. Sedation dentistry helps you keep calm so you can have a more comfortable and healthy appointment.

Kidney and Liver Disease

Because drugs are often cleared through your kidney or liver, it’s important that your dentist know about these conditions so he can choose the right relaxing agent for you. Nitrous oxide might be the best choice if you have these conditions, but many oral anxiety medications are fine if you don’t use them too often.

Respiratory Disease

As with heart disease, lung conditions like asthma can be worsened by stress, so oral sedation may be advised to help prevent bronchospasms. Most medications are safe for most people with these conditions.


If you have epilepsy, oral sedation can help prevent seizures during visits. However, it’s also important that you tell us about any antiseizure medications you are taking because they may affect the duration of oral sedatives.


Oral sedation is safe for people with diabetes, so long as you don’t let the effects keep you from maintaining proper blood sugar levels.

Sleep Apnea

People with sleep apnea may be sensitive to oral sedatives and may be at a slightly increased risk. In order to control risk, we can use supplemental oxygen to ensure that you are getting enough air during your appointment.

We Can Answer Your Questions

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