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No Better Time Than Now to Replace Gold Crowns

Replace Gold CrownsFor a long time, dentists believed that there was only one way to restore a damaged molar if you had a bad bite. Only a gold crown could stand up under the forces of your irregular bite. The solution works fairly well. Gold crowns are durable and effective. But they do have some limitations, mostly because they are not very attractive, and they can make you very self-conscious about your teeth.

Now we have good news: if you have old gold crowns, today we can replaced them with attractive ceramic crowns. Even if you have a bad bite.

We Can Fix Your Bite

Part of the reason why we can give you ceramic crowns today is that you don’t have to live with your bad bite. A bad bite not only puts stress on your teeth–it can cause jaw pain and headaches, common symptoms of TMJ.

Neuromuscular dentistry allows us to explore the causes of your bad bite–often it’s the shape of your teeth and how they fit together–so that we can reduce bite forces that cause heavy wear. Using noninvasive, reversible treatments we can help you achieve a comfortable bite that is easier on all your teeth–not just the one with the golden crown

Improving your bite will reduce wear on other teeth and reduce the risk that you’re going to need to have them crowned, too. It will also reduce the risk that your teeth may begin to shift, either becoming crowded or gapped.

Advanced Materials

Another secret that lets us give you a tooth-colored crown is that dental materials have improved dramatically in recent years. Advanced ceramic applications like the heat shields on spacecraft and tank armor have had their spinoff into dental ceramics. We may call them “porcelain crowns,” but they’re not your grandma’s porcelain–they’re high-tech ceramics designed to stand up under the most punishing situations.

And advanced processes make new crowns more convenient, too–they can be made in about an hour while you wait–no need to wear a temporary crown that can’t stand up under the bite forces.

If you would like to learn whether you are a candidate for a more attractive tooth-colored crown, please call  for an appointment with a San Diego cosmetic dentist at Strober Dental.

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