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New Software Makes CEREC Faster and Better for Braces

Invisalign and CERECCEREC has become one of the most attractive technologies in dentistry for its ability to make dental crowns and bridges in one visit. No waiting for a lab-made crown and no temporary crown are necessary.

Now CEREC is making even more improvements for patients because it is offering new software that allows us to plan orthodontic treatment using only the CEREC digital impressions. These impressions are so accurate that they can now be used by Invisalign in planning your clear braces treatment.

A Long Holdout

Digital impressions make sense for Invisalign treatment. After all, Invisalign is a computer-designed sequence of clear aligners. It needs digital information to make that plan, and Align Technologies, the maker of Invisalign, sensed this early on and purchased iTero, a digital impression system. It promoted iTero as the best digital impression for use with Invisalign and tried to sell the system on that basis.

Although many dentists wanted to use CEREC digital impressions for Invisalign planning, Align Technologies didn’t want to take them in the hopes that it would help with iTero sales.

Better Technology Wins Out

CEREC’s digital impressions have to be highly accurate to ensure the manufacture of properly fitting dental crowns. Over the past 30 years, Sirona, the manufacturer of CEREC has been honing their digital impression technology. When they felt it capable of it, Sirona developed an application that would help orthodontists plan braces treatment with CEREC. Although the initial release was a quality product, it was not considered adequate for Invisalign by Align Technologies.

However, with the newest release of CEREC software, the superiority of the system was clear. The CEREC technology was clearly the best digital impression method for orthodontics as well as for making dental crowns, bridges, and tooth-colored fillings.

As a longtime user of both technologies, Dr. Strober is happy to see them come together in a way that will lead to faster and better treatments for his patients. If you would like to learn more about how this amazing technology can make your dental experience better, please call  for an appointment with a San Diego cosmetic dentist at Strober Dental.