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Getting Married? Make Sure Your Smile Is Wedding-Ready

When planning a wedding, there are a million things to worry about. But one of the biggest concerns brides have as their big day approaches is how they’ll look. Having pretty place settings is nice, but looking your best in front of your friends and family and in the photos you’ll cherish for a lifetime is a top priority.

This is why many brides undertake diet and exercise routines after getting engaged, and shop around for the perfect dress and shoes. Brides get manicures, facials, and even hire professional hair and makeup artists to ensure that they’re the best version of themselves. But have you thought about your smile?

One thing you’ll be doing a lot of on your wedding day is flashing that big, happy grin. If you’re not happy with your teeth, they might end up being a stain on your special day. Luckily, there are plenty of easy, quick procedures that can bring your smile up-to-snuff before you tie the knot.

A wmoen getting married is confident with her new Smile from Strober Dental

Teeth As White As Your Dress

Whitening is already a major concern for many people, but when you’re wearing a lot of white, yellowed teeth can become even more obvious. Your dentist has plenty of options for teeth whitening that will be more effective, longer lasting, and safer than the kits you can buy at the drugstore.

Dr. Strober offers Sinsational Smiles in-office whitening that utilizes a ph-balanced bleaching gel and a special light that activates the gel to remove stains and discoloration. This treatment can give you bold results in just an hour, and will even continue to lighten over the course of the weeks afterward.

Want to go even whiter, or not interested in an in-office treatment? Don’t worry, you can also try take-home whitening trays. Since these are provided by your dentist, they’re stronger and more effective than commercially available trays. They’ll show results in just a couple of weeks.

If your teeth are particularly stubbornly stained, we may recommend the KÖR whitening deep bleaching system. This revolutionary new whitening system can be performed in-office or at home, and is even effective on stains that cosmetic dentists previously thought were impossible to remove. The results are permanent, and you’re less likely to experience tooth sensitivity than with traditional whitening.

No Teeth Are Beyond Help

If whitening treatments won’t get you where you want to be, don’t give up hope. No teeth are too far gone to become a beautiful smile. An experienced cosmetic dentist can take a look at your mouth, listen to your concerns and your goals, and help put together a program to get your smile looking flawless before your wedding day.

You’re going to want to be beaming when you walk down the aisle. The last thing you want to be thinking in that moment is a self-conscious thought about your smile!

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