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Feel Younger With a Smile Makeover

Since your smile is one of the key indicators of your age, it makes sense that a smile makeover could help you look younger. But did you know it could help you feel younger, too? It can — here’s how!

A Younger Self in the Mirror

How old you feel depends on your self-image, which is reinforced every day when you look in the mirror. When you see a face looking back at you that looks old, it can make you feel old, too. A damaged, discolored smile can be just another sign that your body has a lot of actual miles on it, and make you think of all the aches and pains you feel and things you used to be able to do that you can no longer do.

But what if when you looked at yourself in the mirror, you saw someone with a youthful, vigorous smile? Wouldn’t that help you feel more able to take on the day, help you focus on all the things you still can do, and put you in a place where you’re thinking of the challenges ahead that you can still overcome? Seeing a younger you in the mirror can definitely help you feel younger.

People Tell You You Look Younger

And your younger self-image will also be reinforced as you go through your day with people telling you that you look younger? That’s what you’ll get after your smile makeover.

People may not even know exactly why you look younger, so be prepared for all kinds of different compliments. They may say you’ve lost weight, may think you’ve been exercising, may attribute your vigor to a recent vacation. They may even guess Botox or plastic surgery.

Just smile and accept the compliments and enjoy the youthful burst of energy they give you.

Smiling More Often

One thing that people do when they’re unhappy with their smile is avoiding smiling in public. You may either stifle your smile or always self-consciously hide it behind your hand. While this can work to keep people from seeing your worn, damaged, or discolored teeth, it doesn’t help your mood.

Smiling helps us feel happy, so when you’re not smiling very much, you’re more likely to feel down, which also makes you feel older and lower-energy.

But when you smile more often, you’re more likely to feel happy. You’ll have a spring in your step, and you’ll enjoy the natural release of endorphins that not only boosts your mood, but also acts as a natural painkiller. You might experience a reduction of some of those minor aches and pains that make you feel older.

And not only that, but people will respond to you differently when you’re smiling more, and the positive reactions will give you a mood boost, too.

Healthier Jaw Position

With time, your teeth have been worn down, damaged, restored, or even lost. This can shift your jaw from a healthy, youthful position to one where your muscles are unable to attain and maintain a comfortable rest position. When your jaw can’t get in a good position, you might experience TMJ symptoms that include jaw pain and headaches.

You might also notice that your core isn’t aligned as well as it used to be. This can impair balance and make it harder for you to perform physical tasks. It’s not that you’re losing strength, you just can’t muster it efficiently because your core isn’t aligned.

A smile makeover performed by a neuromuscular dentist can restore your jaw to a healthy position, which can help you feel more comfortable, and help improve your ability to perform daily tasks.

Feeling Healthier

Just like your age, your self-image of health is partly formed by looking at yourself in the mirror. When your teeth are worn, damaged, and decayed, it gives you an impression that you are unhealthy. But when your teeth are bright, even, and free of damage and decay, it gives you an image of health.

Combined with the other aspects of feeling healthier, such as a lack of TMJ-related pains, you’ll think less about all the things you’ve gone through and more about the things you’re still going to accomplish. You’ll look at the day as an opportunity to achieve, not just another thing you have to endure.

Act Today to Seize Your Youth

Want to start feeling younger? Start by acting younger. Don’t resign yourself to your smile as it is and the way it makes you feel–act to change it. Youth looks at the world as something it can change, and you can start to change the world by changing your smile.

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