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Dental Implants 10% Cheaper Than Dental Bridges

According to a new study conducted in Switzerland, dental implants not only give a higher quality of life and more attractive appearance than dental bridges, they’re less expensive, too.

Assessing Initial Costs and Maintenance Costs

The new Swiss study looked at 22 people who needed to replace a single anterior (front) tooth, and divided them into separate categories. Eleven people were assigned to receive a dental implant and the other 11 were assigned to receive a dental bridge. Both procedures had about the same survival rate at 5 and 10 years: 94 and 90% respectively for dental bridges, 95 and 90% for dental implants.

Researchers then analyzed the costs for initial placement of the restorations, including the preparation of teeth to receive dental crowns and the use of bone or soft tissue graft. They found that dental bridges were more expensive to place and maintain over the initial three year period of the study. Projecting costs into the future, they estimated that dental implants remained cheaper no matter what length of time they looked at.

Confirms Earlier Study

The current study confirms the results an earlier study comparing the cost of dental implants with dental bridges. A review published in March 2013 looked at long-term costs and found that dental implants were the more cost-effective option. The review even compared dental implants with dentures and found that dental implants were more cost-effective in the long-term.

Cost Is Only One Factor

When you are deciding which dental restoration is right for you, it’s important to consider which treatment is the right one for you. Dental bridges may be the best choice if your teeth on either side of the missing tooth are also damaged or discolored. However, as this study shows, there’s no reason to shy away from dental implants on the basis of cost. When it comes to cost you can get the most effective and most natural tooth replacement option at a lower cost than other treatments.

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