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Are Chronic Headaches Affecting Your Family Too?

dreamstime_s_20476701If you are a  headache sufferer, you know how much of an impact they can have on family occasions. You may not be able to be as happy or enthusiastic as you wish because of the pain. You may be affected by your medication and be unable to fully participate. Or you may have to abandon everything and go lie down in a dark room in the middle of everything.

New research has quantified the level of impact chronic migraines have on a person’s family life, and give us new understanding of how much of an impact headache treatment could have.

How Chronic Migraines Affect the Family

A researcher at the Montefiore Headache Center in New York City investigated how much migraines impact a person’s role as a parent or spouse. Dan Buse, a clinical psychologist and director of behavioral medicine surveyed 1000 people with chronic migraines, defined as having migraines 15 or more days a month. The sample was mostly women (812 women vs. 188 men), but survey questions were asked of the headache sufferers, their spouses, and their children.

Reported results mostly focus on the migraineurs’ responses. About 75% said they felt they would be better spouses if they didn’t have chronic migraines, and nearly 60% said they would probably be better parents if they didn’t have migraines.

People said they were often more angry or easily annoyed because of their headaches. They had to skip vacation activities and even whole vacations. On average, they said they had reduced quality time with their spouses 7 days a month.

This research is very preliminary, based on a presentation at the American Headache Society conference in Los Angeles. It hasn’t yet undergone peer review to check for methodology or other errors.

TMJ Treatment Can Reduce Migraines

If you are tired of losing out on family time because of your chronic migraines, we may be able to help. TMJ, temporomandibular joint disorder, can trigger migraines, increasing their frequency and severity. TMJ treatment can reduce the frequency of your headaches and sometimes their severity as well.

To learn whether TMJ treatment can help your migraines in San Diego, please call 619-299-5925 for an appointment with neuromuscular dentist Dr. Rod Strober.

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