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Celebrate Avocado’s Oral Health Benefits at Avolution Fest

It’s official: San Diego will be home to the world’s first avocado-themed music festival. Avolution Fest, as it’s called, will be held Saturday, June 9 at the Quartyard.

All the food will be avocado themed, including ceviche served in avocados and fried avocado. There will be many avocado-themed drink options, too, such as avocado cocktails. There will also be avocado-themed art, including an interactive, psychedelic art piece by Patrick Ballard. The event features three musical acts: headliner Wild Belle, The Young Wild, and Baynk. None of these acts are famous for avocado-themed music, but perhaps they’ll pull out a catchy little ditty or two for the occasion.

And if you find that you’re not satiated by the avocaudacity, you only have to wait one more week until you have the opportunity to take advantage of another San Diego celebration of the stylish alligator pear. The Cado is a pop-up museum, with 7 rooms of pure avocado immersion at Liberty Station.

This makes it a good time to reflect that avocados aren’t just trendy, they’re actually healthy, offering several important benefits for your teeth and gums. Here are a few of the benefits offered by this fabulous berry. (Yeah, that’s right: an avocado is a great big berry. Deal with it.)

Celebrate Avocados and Oral Health | June 9th at the Quartyard

Nutrients Your Teeth Need

Avocado contains many nutrients that help you maintain a healthy and beautiful smile. This includes folate, vitamin C, vitamin B5, and vitamin B6.

Perhaps just as important, the fatty acids in avocado can help your body absorb fat soluble nutrients like vitamin K (and it’s a not insignificant source of the nutrient, too!). Vitamin K really deserves more attention, because it’s vitamin D’s partner in helping the body use calcium. And while most of us get enough San Diego sun to generate all the vitamin D we need in the summer, we can remain short on vitamin K, which makes the support role played by avocado particularly important. An avocado has about 10% of your daily recommended intake for vitamin K. Putting avocado on a salad of dark leafy greens is a great way to make sure you’re getting the nutrients your teeth need.

Plus, unlike many fruits, avocado is low on sugar and it’s not acidic, which means it won’t harm your teeth.

Oral Cancer Hates Avocado

We’re not referring to people who vocally smear it as the “California fat pill.” We’re talking about actual cancer in the mouth. Recent research has revealed that the avocado may literally kill oral cancer.

This research shows that certain phytochemicals extracted from avocado can increase the amount of reactive oxygen in precancerous cells, causing them to die before they can spread. However, these chemicals don’t seem to have a negative impact on healthy cells.

The effect could explain why eating a diet rich in fruits and vegetables (including avocadoberries) helps reduce cancer risk, something that’s been established in numerous studies. Researchers do note that the work is preliminary and needs to be verified, but it does match with previous research, so it’s likely accurate to some degree at least.

Celebrate Oral Health with Us

We can’t promise you avocado-themed music, drinks, or art installations, but we can give you a great experience at the dentist, possibly the best you’ve ever had. At Strober Dental, every day is a celebration of oral health, and we welcome you to enjoy it with us.

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