Can a Dentist Help My Snoring?

If your bed partner has been complaining about your frequent, loud snoring, you may be one of millions of Americans suffering from a common disorder called sleep apnea. The term “apnea” literally means “no breath.” Sleep apnea sufferers experience obstructed breathing multiple times a night. These breathing pauses can last anywhere from ten seconds to a full minute at a time, and can occur hundreds of times a night.

The consequences of sleep apnea are often serious, ranging from excessive daytime drowsiness to stroke, diabetes, and heart failure. If you are a chronic snorer, check to see if you exhibit any of the following symptoms in addition to snoring:

  • Headaches in the morning
  • Frequent bathroom trips during the night
  • Memory problems and difficulty concentrating
  • A dry mouth and sore throat when you wake up
    • Swelling in your legs

If you experience one or more of these symptoms, you should be tested for sleep apnea by a specialist like Dr. Strober. Mild to moderate sleep apnea can be treated through the use of a custom orthotic device like the SomnoDent® MAS, which keeps your jaw and tongue in a forward position at night, allowing your airways to remain open.

Even snorers who do not suffer from sleep apnea can benefit from using the SomnoDent® MAS to prevent their loud snoring from disturbing their sleep partner. For more information about snoring treatment options, please contact our San Diego office today to schedule an initial consultation.