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Are Veneers Painful to Get?

No. The notion that porcelain veneers are painful is a marketing ploy. A company that sells “no-preparation” veneers is trying to promote its product by making you think that veneers requiring preparation are painful.

To ensure that your porcelain veneers create a single, smooth, aesthetic and functional surface for your teeth, it is necessary to remove a small amount of dental enamel from the tooth. The amount removed is less than half a millimeter (1/50th of an inch). Most people prefer to have local anesthesia during this procedure, but even without it you would likely feel only pressure.

If we were to leave your teeth with thinned enamel, you might experience sensitivity to hot and cold liquids, but we immediately cover your teeth with temporary veneers that protect them until the permanent veneers are ready. Once the permanent veneers are in place, your teeth will probably experience no more sensitivity than they did before you got veneers. If you had stress cracks or chips on the teeth prior to veneering, your sensitivity may even be less than before.

If you have concerns about the porcelain veneer process or results, we can talk to you about them during your consultation. We can even put you in contact with patients who have had them so you can hear their experience firsthand.

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