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Air Quality in San Diego Is Getting Better–So Why Do You Wake Up with a Sore Throat?

Just three years ago, San Diego’s air was being rated as the worst in the country. This summer, we’re being told that the air quality is better than it’s ever been since we started keeping track nearly 60 years ago.

But if it’s not poor air quality that’s irritating your throat, what is?

Indoor Air Quality

One possibility is that, although outdoor air is getting better, your indoor air may not be. If your indoor air quality is poor, it may be responsible for indoor allergies that can lead to nose and throat irritation.

To control indoor allergens, follow these steps:

  • Wash all your sheets and linens regularly in hot water to control the dust mite population.
  • Make sure your vacuum is using high-quality filter bags that trap more of the dust rather than simply distributing it in the air.
  • Change filters on your HVAC regularly so they can properly clean the air and protect you from allergens.
  • Control moisture to reduce mold growth. If you use a humidifier, make sure it’s not making the air too moist. Clean your humidifier regularly to make sure it’s not fostering mold growth. Check for drips and leaks in the house.
  • Bathe pets regularly to control dander.

Following these steps should significantly reduce household allergens.

Snoring and Sore Throats

Another reason why you may be waking up with a sore throat is snoring. Snoring is caused by vibrations in the throat because of a narrow or restricted airway. These vibrations can irritate the throat. You might also get a sore throat because your airway is actually being blocked in your nose or at the top of your mouth, forcing you to breathe through your mouth. This can dry out your throat, causing it to be sore. It’s also a sign you might not just be a snorer–you might have sleep apnea.

If your sore throat is accompanied by morning headaches, daytime fatigue, or if you know that you snore, we can help with nonsurgical and convenient snoring treatment. Please call 619-299-5925 today for an appointment with San Diego sleep dentist Dr. Rod Strober at Strober Dental.

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