Can Snoring Kill Your Relationship?

There are plenty of reasons couples sleep in separate beds. Although sometimes couples sleep apart because of relationship trouble, they might also be sleeping separately for convenience. Maybe their sleeping styles don’t mesh — one sleep talks or tosses and turns, or one wakes easily — or maybe their sleep schedules don’t align. But there’s […]

Can Dental Implants Cause Headaches?

Ordinarily Dick Van Dyke tweeting about headaches wouldn’t be the source of a half dozen news articles. What made it news is that he blamed his dental implants. Recent concerns over the potential side effects of titanium dental implants have set the internet abuzz with rumors. Many are concerned that — specifically titanium dental implants […]

Could Birth Control be Causing Your Migraines?

Everyone agrees: Migraines are the worst. These debilitating, recurrent headaches often put sufferers completely out of commission — in fact, people with migraines lose an average of ! Unfortunately, despite plenty of attempts to study them, migraines remain largely a medical mystery. Researchers still don’t really know what triggers them, or why some people are […]